Overture Guitar School

About Us

London-based specialists in online guitar lessons and tuition. Find out more about us and our incredible tutors.

Overture Guitar School

We’re a London-based guitar school that specialises in online guitar lessons. We offer private and group lessons through our excellent in-house syllabus, suitable for all abilities. Offering the very best guitar tuition available across all styles and with the convenience of online services. If you’ve always wanted to learn the guitar you’ve come to the right place.

Overture was founded by Craig Watts after a decade of working within the industry, and he is now focused on offering his expertise to students on all things guitar. 

Meet Our Tutors

At Overture we’ve assembled an incredible staff of guitar tutors to support the school and deliver our world class lessons. Our tutors are not only excellent teachers, but successful performers in their own right.

They can bring their real world experience to the classroom and help you achieve your goals. We’re fortunate enough to have experts in every area of the guitar so can make sure you’re paired with the best guitar teacher for you.