Online Guitar Lessons

How Do Online Guitar Lessons Work?

We understand that online guitar lessons can be a daunting prospect and you might find yourself asking “how do they work?”. Rest assured there’s nothing to worry about, they’re more or less the same as in-person guitar lessons, but online!

However, you will need these 3 things:

1. A good and reliable internet connection
2. A computer with a webcam
3. A Zoom account

Once you have those 3 things you are good to go. You’ll be able to see and hear our tutors clearly, work through materials with demonstrations and annotations, play along together and receive real-time feedback. 

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Lessons Logistics

Lessons are arranged and scheduled as normal, then when the lesson is due to start you login through Zoom and join your dedicated video room with your personal ID. Your guitar teacher will be waiting for you and the lesson can begin. Once inside the software there’s a few simple settings to understand and that’s it. Your teacher can show you multiple angles of the guitar, work through a sheet and notate it live, play backing tracks and recordings, even record the whole lesson!

Online Guitar Lessons

Our teachers and clients really enjoy their online guitar lessons and now see them as a much more convenient and efficient option. We think our Overture Guitar School online lessons are as good as in-person guitar lessons, but with the added benefits of no commuting, flexible scheduling, online materials and access to the best guitar teachers wherever you are! If you have any more questions we’re happy to explain everything. We’re here to guide you through the process and to help you find the best guitar lessons for you.  

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Online Guitar Lessons

What Do I Need For Online Guitar Lessons?

So you’re interested in online guitar lessons, but you’re thinking “what do I need?”. Not sure if you have the equipment or technical know how to make it work? Let us talk you through it!

First step, you will need these 3 things:

1. Good and reliable internet connection
2. Computer with a webcam
3. Zoom account

Once you have those 3 things you are good to go, but the most important is a good and reliable internet connection, this cannot be overstated. It will help you make the most of your online guitar lessons and will solve almost all technical issues.

Online Guitar Lessons Home Set Up
Tutor Tips

All our tutors have spent a great deal of time learning and investing in advanced equipment and webinar tricks which means you will always be able to see and hear them clearly, receive professional materials and play together. However, a lot of this requires specialist knowledge so it’s unlikely students will be able to replicate this, but here are another 3 basic things you can do to really make the most of your lessons:

1. Sit with the light facing you. Good light can make even the most basic webcam crystal clear.
2. Have a quiet place to take the lesson so you can hear your tutor and enjoy the lesson without interruption.
3. Make sure you have the ability to play MP3s, download PDF files and have access to a tuner and metronome.

You’re Ready To Start

If you follow these steps you can expect really great guitar tuition in the comfort and convenience of your own home. If you have any concerns about specific technical aspects please get in touch and we can talk you through them personally. Honestly, once you’re used to the online format you won’t even notice the difference and the main take away should be to get the basic points listed above right, you don’t need to be technical!

As you can see you shouldn’t be asking “what do I need?”, but “when can I start”. If you want to learn more about the online guitar lessons that we offer, click below!

Online Guitar Lessons

What’s Better? Private or Group Guitar Lessons?

We offer both private and group online guitar lessons so you might ask which one is best for you? In this article we talk you through the pros and cons of each to help you make the right decision.

With the right tutor both formats are great and can really help you improve your guitar playing. However, whether you choose private or group, as we’re sure you’ve heard before you’ll only get out what you put in!

Private Tuition

It’s impossible to beat one on one tuition with the right tutor. You can focus in on the things that inspire you and over time that tutor can tailor everything to the ways that work best for you. We’d recommend this route for any student who would like a weekly format and to commit seriously to the guitar. If that sounds like you please get in touch and we guarantee you’ll get amazing results with our tutors.

However, the downside of private tuition is that it’s expensive and you’ll need to commit regularly to maintain your lesson slot. Naturally, the better the teacher the busier they are so there is also less flexibility. This is great if you want to progress quickly on the guitar and push yourself, but if you’re looking for something more casual read on…

Group Tuition

For beginners and intermediate students we recommend joining a group course. It’s an excellent way to progress and have fun by meeting like-minded students. This route is more casual with a scheduled class every week and a relaxed atmosphere. We have a range of courses to suit all styles and abilities including a beginners class, acoustic class, blues class and guitar club class.

Group tuition is much more cost effective than one on one and comes with a built-in guitar community! All our in-house courses are arranged around playing real songs and delivered online for your convenience. You can expect great results by focusing in on key techniques, expanding your repertoire and doing so in a relaxed atmosphere.

Both are very good options so whether you decide private or group, get in touch and we can arrange your first lesson. If you want to learn more about the online guitar lessons that we offer, click below!